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Our desire is to help everyday people that are struggling to find help, find themselves and find God.

 We want to be a conduit of the love of Jesus Christ to the world and to be salt and light in a dark place. We believe that in order to reach all people where they are, we must love then where they are. The struggles you face are real, and we understand that you can't do it alone and we want to be here for you, to help you, to love you and to let you know and show you that God is 4 you.

Gods4Me.com is a site and ministry of Xtreme1038 (Xtreme Church, Inc.), currently operating with and through of SonRise Faith Church, Staten Island NY. It is our prayer that every church will be united in vision and purpose and that we can work with all churches to create the unity in the body of Christ that he desires.

We meet people who are struggling to regain their dignity everyday. Their struggles are real, their needs are pressing and their hope is limited. They are the poor and the homeless, the physically abused, the drug and alcohol addicted, the fatherless children and the elderly with no one to care for them; they are the physically, mentally or emotionally ill. They are financially challenged and the unemployed.

They are those without transportation, food, clothing, childcare, legal help or a network of support. They are without resources in a crisis. They feel despair, apathy and a lack of hope.

If this is you today, please contact us to get connected to someone who can help you today..

They need you and us together, every church and ministry of Christ together.                         

Vision of Xtreme

 Without a vision the people perish, or literally “go backward”.  It is vital to every organization to have a vision and mission statement. The following is a summary of our short and long term vision:

 The vision of Xtreme Ministries is enormous to the point that it can only be from God! We envision the body of Christ united as one, functioning wholly as it was designed to, with each part performing to its potential in Christ. I believe the church of God is only experiencing a drizzle effect of what God wants and is able to do (Eph 3:30) in this country and around the world. It is simple principle that when all are together, connected to each other,   fueling from and to each other, moving as one unit in unity, harmony and congruent with one another, there is no limit to the power of His anointing that will be poured out!

The outpouring in the book of acts was the church in infancy. God never starts big and ends small… We serve an ever growing God who starts small and does not end at all. Thousands were added daily to that church. Why? They were in agreement and one accord!

 We desire to work with every other like minded ministry, so if you are a ministry working towards the same goals, please contact us so we can walk and work together.

Our desire is not to compete with anybody, but to help complete everybody! We want to grow the Kingdom of God, period!

Our Mission Statement is directly from Acts 10:38

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

We relate directly to this because He is the vine and we are the branches, united to the vine. The same Anointing that God anointed Jesus with, flows through that vine into the branches and supplies the whole with Power so that we too can go about doing good and healing all those who are oppressed of the devil, because God is with us.







More About Gods4Me

    Gods4Me is based in Staten Island New York. The ministry / outreach is designed to reach out to anyone in need and to lead people to the one true God that can help and can save them from whatever it may be in life that is holding them back.

If you are in the Staten Island, NY area and need a church, please contact us and we can help you find a place thats perfect for you!

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