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 Our motto is “Out of our seats, and into the streets!” Because that’s where we are needed! We want to no only engage Staten Island by inviting you to church services, but to engage the community by offering bringing the service to you, not just in Word, but also in deed!

We want to fill the gaps in the community and be there to help in every area possible.. If there’s a need, we are there to fill it!

 From soup kitchens, food pantries, diaper and formula drives, to helping the elderly and disabled with chores, to our (sometimes insane) random acts of Kindness, we want to make a mark on every life in the community and let people know that there is still good in the world. And we want you to not only be affected by our deeds, but for us to be contagious enough for you to come on out and join us!

 Our Outreaches and Random Acts of Kindness, Good Deeds, Food & Kitchen ministries are open to all who wish to help. There are many areas and levels to be involved with, so contact us today and find out how!

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More About Gods4Me

    Gods4Me is based in Staten Island New York. The ministry / outreach is designed to reach out to anyone in need and to lead people to the one true God that can help and can save them from whatever it may be in life that is holding them back.

If you are in the Staten Island, NY area and need a church, please contact us and we can help you find a place thats perfect for you!

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